International Opel-Treffen
on May 21st 2017

News up-date: This year Decoroza Airbrush will be present at the International Opel-Treffen! Not just with beautifull artwork but also with a lot of interesting tips with regards to airbrushing!!
At the International Opel-Treffen Elsvierderels will be present again in 2017 with a lot of fun stuff for the little ones!! Kids will receive a free glittertattoo with their subscription (and a small consumption!!) on the 21st of May at Elsvierderels!

This year we have ensured that signing up is even faster and easier!
Now you can sign up very easily and you can directly pay with PayPal, iDeal etc. You will receive your ticket directly in your mailbox!
Click here to sign up for the International Opel-Treffen 2017!

The International Opel-Treffen takes place at
Pioniersweg 19, 8251 KS, Dronten, The Netherlands

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Take a look at last year's short movie to get you back in the mood!

MM-Opelparts also organizes a number of parts markets this year! Don’t forget to note Saturday April 15th on your calendar for the next parts market!!

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