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Workshop Hydro dipping! ..

In other words Foildipping, waterdipping, watertransferprinting.. Read more..

An Opel Blitz from 1967.. ..

a driving fish smoker!  Read more..

Lots of fun for the Children... ..

At the International Opel-Treffen we also think of the little ones.. Read more..

Get ready to eat!! ..

Bring friends, family and your big appetites! Read more..

Nice cup of coffee... ..

This year the coffee will be arranged differently than usual! Read more..

Flyer International Opel-Treffen 2019 ..

Please share this Flyer with your (Opel/Vauxhall) friends! We hope to meet you on April 14th 2019! Read more..

Ticket sales have started! ..

Order your entrance tickets here! Read more..

Date International Opel-Treffen of 2019 announced! ..

The date for the International Opel-Treffen of 2019 is...  Read more..

Opel unveils pieces of new design language ..

Opel is part of the PSA Group and in order to ensure that the brand retains its own identity, Opel is looking for itself. They are working hard on a new study model that reflects the essence of the brand, a study model from which the first information is now available.
  Read more..

MM-Opelparts will have a Big Sale at the VBOA National Rally 14th & 15th July, 2018! ..

We will be attending at the VBOA National Rally at the Market Harborough showground, maybe even for the very last time!!  Read more..

And the winner is... ..

The winners for the 2x Entrance tickets are know... Read more..

2018 VBOA National Rally 14th-15th July ..

MM-Opelparts will also be present at the VBOA National Rally... Read more..

One and a half C ..

Just a blink with the eyes. Are there two Opel Kadett C’s connected to each other??  Read more..

300 HP!! ..

The bonnet isn't standing up for nothing! Here is an Opel Astra, in its first appearance, with something special.  Read more..

Warm interest in International Opel-Treffen 2018 ..

"And that's a lamppost!" A laughable and somewhat surprising remark, heard during the well-attended Opel Treffen in Dronten on Sunday 22nd April.
  Read more..