Internationaal Opel-Treffen
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One and a half C

Just a blink with the eyes. Are there two Opel Kadett C’s connected to each other??  No, it’s one and a halve (!) Kadett C. The second has no front and neither an axle. We don’t find that weird, we find that special!!

Ok, and a little weird. Or at least striking! The couple who owns this car, Erik and Els Dekker from Oosthuizen, quickly helps us out of the dream; Once they both had an Opel Kadett C, but Els crashed her front completely. Erik saw a “second” life in it and from the part what wat still good he made a closed trailer, put a window of an Golf ll in the front and Voila!

In 2007 he took care of his own Kadett from 1979 and a complete overhaul followed. At the end he painted the “one and a half” with a paint roller in a deep red colour and the special combination was created. Sometimes they even sleep in the trailer! Even though they get a lot of eyes looking at them, it has been enough. The combination is for sale. “ We want a camper” they said. They count on an interested buyer. You don’t have to worry about the conditions of this combination: This “one and a half” runs like a charm!