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Opel unveils pieces of new design language

Opel is part of the PSA Group and in order to ensure that the brand retains its own identity, Opel is looking for itself. They are working hard on a new study model that reflects the essence of the brand, a study model from which the first information is now available.
  To prevent Opel from being digested by the PSA Group and therefore also fuses design-wise with Peugeot and Citroën, Opel has given its design team the assignment to develop a study model that reflects the essence of the brand. The ultimate design language that debuts on this concept car before the end of this year is ultimately used for all new cars of the brand. Today, Opel already shows a series of design elements.

Opel describes itself with the key words 'German, accessible and exciting'. In addition, the future design language must radiate 'New Germanity', a design that, according to Opel, exudes both solidity and humanity. According to Opel, it continues with its new, still unnamed study model the design road that it has taken with the GT Concept of 2016. An important design element is what Opel has called the Opel Compass. On, among other things, the current Insignia, we see something of it at the front in an understated form. See Opel's winged daytime running lights in the headlights as a horizontal line, vertically split in the middle by a line running down over the bonnet. Where the lines intersect, the Opel logo is placed.

Another new design element is the so-called 'vizor', a kind of sunglasses-like panel on the nose in which things like lighting and sensors are included. This vizor returns to a greater or lesser extent to all future Opels. The dashboard is designed around the 'Pure Panel', in fact the translation of the Opel Kompas and the vizor to the interior.

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