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Unfortunately it’s already over again ...

We want to thank you all for your visit! Together we have again ensured a fun and succesful Opel-day!! 

We will upload as many photos and videos as possible that have been made at the International Opel-Treffen. You will find these photos in the gallery!

We would also like to let you know, that unfortunately due to an administrative error, one winner has not been on the podium. Unfortunately we were just a bit too late when we found out about this error, but we made sure that the winner winner, the Opel Blitz of Food Truck Vischrookerij still received a price!!! Once again, our apologies for this and thank you taking it on so well!!

We would also like to thank everyone for all the feedback! Together we hope to make the International Opel-Treffen of 2019 even better and bigger!! We will keep you up to date through our website and social media pages (@MM-Opelparts & @OpelTreffen) with news, photo's and video's from the past International Opel-Treffen!