Internationaal Opel-Treffen
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Warm interest in International Opel-Treffen 2018

"And that's a lamppost!" A laughable and somewhat surprising remark, heard during the well-attended Opel Treffen in Dronten on Sunday 22nd April.

But not such a suprising one because one of the many trade stalls with Opel parts is arranged around a lamppost! That gives the impression of being part of the assortment. It's located between the gaskets, manifolds and clutch sets. The comic comment, seems to be in place.

Like all trade stalls at this Opel-Treffen are in place. From the numerous stands with parts to trade stalls with books, miniatures, clothing and leaflets. Plenty of choice. There's a lot of blazing in the wide assortment. You find yourself walking here in the middle of real Opel enthusiasts. Looking for just that one part they still need for the restauration of a Kadett B or an outlet for a Rekord from the sixties.

Heated up
The Opel-Treffen in Dronten takes place under a bright sun this year. The temperature goes well over 20 degrees. Speaking about heat is exaggerated, but it does occasionally heat up. As with the Bio- Fries baker and the Burger stand just to name a few food stands. No one need to be short of anything... It also engages in the conversations. For example, two German participants are slightly heated to express their love for an Opel Rekord. The enthusiasm is contagious to the bystanders. The interest in de sand Beige and beautyfully restored Rekord is increasing. Not so strange tho, because this Rekord, originally from Sweden, looks really nice!

A wonderfull atmosphere characterizes the Opel-Treffen. Not so strange, because the real enthusiasts are here among each other. All have Opel as a common denominator. The owner of an "old" one from 1960 is, as well as their almost new Corsa OPC are shining. Shining of price, of joy of.... You name it! Doesn't matter, it's all shining. From bumper to bumper and from ear to ear.

The Pioniersweg and surrounding streets are full of Opels. From small to large. From young to old. Very old, In every color. The most beautiful, the most ungly ones. Well that last one remains a matter of taste of course. From Opels in their original state to Opels tuned. Anyone starting their journey from the beginning of the Pioniersweg will almost immediately pass a large field that is literally "overgrown" with Opels. Counting takes too much time, so just look. Enjoy all that varied and often very beautiful Opel violence. Looking for a Kadett (Astra)? They are there! In all variants, from A to E. Wonderful to be face to face with the very first version of the Opel Ascona. And eye-catching and reflected on many wishlists; the GT. Still picture perfect and especially the ones in Dronten. Almost all in top condition, sometimes even in concours condition. And when we're talking about special Opel models.... the Manta. Of course also here! Both of the first and second generation. Cars that look nothing like each other but have in common that both were insanly popular and are! And what a nice thing, to meet the Kadett Coupe again. Such a coupe variant of the "middle class" are hard to find these days, weird right?

Eyes and ears are short on this Opel-Treffen. The classics always do well, take an Opel Kapitan or the Opel Rekord for example, but also the latest Astra is around. Opel-Treffen 2018: Past, Present and Future are throwing it on an agreement here. Ready for the next edition of 2019!!

The original Dutch version of this message has been written by Mrs. A. Bos