Internationaal Opel-Treffen
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Overwhelming interest in successful International Opel-Treffen 2019

A sun-drenched International Opel-Treffen. Again. Although with somewhat less high temperatures than last year, it is good to be at the event site in Dronten. 

Many Opel owners and / or enthusiasts must have thought that. Nearly 500 participants on pre-registration and another 100 on the day itself. Whether the International Opel-Treffen is a success? That question is completely unnecessary. These numbers speak for themselves.
While walking the trail you will notice the presence of many nationalities. Many “soft G's” from our southern neighbors, but especially many German enthusiasts. Not really strange of course, after all we are talking about a German brand. At least, until recently ... But that aside.
Fun scenes are set in the MM-Opelparts warehouse. Some of our eastern neighbors are there searching among the (many) parts. Then it is a bit of a search if there are only Dutch names on it. Heated discussions, but they come out. Not without a fight ... But still.

Second Life
Back outside again we make a tour along the many stalls with parts, question beacon, miniatures, tires, rims, lamps, mirrors and so on. Striking? The "stall" where the complete range is actually presented in banana boxes. Golden solution, it looks sleek and it is a nice second life for this packaging material. Matches nicely with all those cars that have been given a second life thanks to their proud owners.
Those who want to know a lot, if not everything, about the restoration of an "old" Opel will definitely be in for this International Opel-Treffen. The owner of a beautiful Kadett GSi convertible knows all about it. In fact, he finds the entire restoration of his car (which by the way is looking good) a matter of " putting a sticking plaster on a wooden leg." To add that it has been worthwhile in itself. Moreover, he has made a wolf in sheep's clothing out of his "open sandwich", because the engine is definitely not original ...

Care names
This applies to many more Opels that are showing off in the streets of the business park in Dronten. Take the "belly sliders". The owners are proud to let all interested parties take a look under the hood. The most technical terms are poured out and many nod 'yes', but are probably thinking 'no, I don't understand'. Nonsense of course, because there is a lot of genuine interest in the "Black Widow" and the "Tukkertje". Sweet of the week is without a doubt the cherry-red Kadett Cabrio, which has been given the name Wild Cherry. Guess why…. Stick your nose in through the window and you come to the conclusion that this car even smells of cherries. In short, how "crazy" do you want it.

Taste maker
From crazy to beautiful will of course always remains a matter of taste. But one of the absolute tastemakers at the International Opel-Treffen 2019 is the more than beautiful Opel Blitz from the firm J.Bron and Zn from Spanga. What a beauty !!!! A textbook example of an exemplary restoration!
And all those "expensive guests" from the past also know how to turn it into a show: the Admirals, the Commodores, the Captains and the Senators compete for the highest honor.
And what about one of the first "big seller", a Kadett A. Three men with a "soft G" disagree. The one exclaims: "What a nice car that is." To which the other immediately responds with the comment "But it doesn’t drive for one bit." The third nuances that by stating that you could always rag well with it and that last word of course sounds fantastic if you have a soft G as the tongue ……

We missed very little at the International Opel-Treffen. All variants were just about the party. From the most modern electric Ampera to one of the toppers of yesteryear, the Rekord. The latest in multiple forms, including a beautiful black / red coupe. But also the sporty GTs, the Mantas, the Calibras and the Monza's know how to delight the eye again. The Kadett B must be found with the proverbial light. But that does not apply to the Corsa, which is present in several model years.

Direction 2020
On the way to the exit two more cars stand out: first an “odd duck” in the Opel bite, an Alfa 156. Let's call it an Italian wink on this sunny day and secondly an Opel Rekord 2.0 automatic from 1984 with only 88,000 kilometers on the clock. For sale! For the enthusiast who is eager to be with their own Opel next year at the International Opel-Treffen 2020!