Internationaal Opel-Treffen
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This is it; International Opel-Treffen 2020, the final !!

Sunday, April 19, 2020. A date that must be filled in red in the agenda of every Opel enthusiast with: International Opel-Treffen 2020 Traditionally in Dronten. For the tenth time! And ... for the very last time! Is that a shame? Hell yes! But stopping at the peak is a challenge. The second lustrum of the International Opel-Treffen in Dronten is the final. What we say THÉ FINALE.
Take it from us that it will be a smashing final!
One more time we will do everything we can to make the International Opel-Treffen a true happening. Nine times before we joined hands on the "Opel team". Every year again with more exhibitors and more visitors. Certainly in recent years also under ideal weather conditions. The International Opel-Treffen has become an event where everyone who has "anything" with Opel wants to be a part of. This will not be different this time and we will do everything to make it a fantastic last edition.
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