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The Rolling Rolls

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The Rolling Rolls does not just serve ice cream. We make craft ice rolls. Fresh, prepared right in front of your eyes and in every taste you can think of.
We do this at events, festivals, weddings and company parties. In short: wherever it is fun, you can hire us to make it even more fun.

What exactly are ice rolls? Rolled up ice creams. But then extremely tasty. That goes like this: we pour our liquid ice cream mix on an ice-cold plate of -30 degrees. You choose your favorite flavor from all sorts of variations and we will work with our spatulas live. As soon as the ice is frozen, we roll the most beautiful ice cream rolls that we serve to you and your guests. After you have chosen one of our (ridiculously delicious) toppings of course.
We work as much as possible with seasonal products, because then we can go for freshness and quality. But if you have another cool idea: just ask us. You can not make it so crazy or we make it. That also applies to serving. A bio tray, waffle or even an ice cream cone with icerolls and coffee from our own barista. We do everything to make it a party.

For more information please see the website. The Rolling Rolls